Diesel Truck Maintenance

We know you value your diesel-fueled vehicle, and your fleet is the core of your business. Diesel trucks produce lower emissions, have a better fuel economy, and require less frequent maintenance checks.

But because the upkeep is minimal doesn’t mean you can forget about it for the rest of the years. Religiously follow this maintenance management and safety guide if you wish to keep your fleet running like new and for long.

Diesel Truck Maintenance and Management Tips

Having a suitable, comprehensive, and up-to-date diesel truck maintenance plan is a massive undertaking. Whether yours is a big rig or a light-duty vehicle, adequate safety and upkeep efforts enable you to hammer down the vehicle’s inefficiencies on time.


Schedule professional inspections by a local shop mechanic or technician to assess the condition of your vehicle. They may diagnose each operation, test or troubleshoot procedures, and record repairs of the necessary components.

Truck drivers, too, can maintain a daily vehicle inspection checklist for their ease. This is called pre-trip and post-trip inspection. The assessment may include checking:

  • Brakes or steering changes for no noise or vibrations
  • Cleanliness to keep the truck contamination-free
  • Doors to open, shut, and lock well
  • Emergency equipmentsuch asclean up kit, spare tire, flares, etc. to be present and working
  • Fluid levelsof the coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and oil changes to be correct to avoid overheating and allow smooth operation
  • Horn for adequate warning
  • Light and reflector’s cleanliness for proper flashing
  • Mirror maintenance for clear outdoor vision
  • Speedometer for recordingspeed accurately
  • Seat belts to do what they are designed for
  • Tires to bear the load and on-roadhazards
  • Windshield, washer, wipers, and defroster cleanliness for unobstructed inside and outside view

Identifying Defects

After the inspection, the mechanic or technician would separate and classify the defects as under:

Safety Defects – Must be addressed immediately.

Mechanical Defects – These deteriorate the vehicle’s operation pretty quick

Cosmetic Flaws – May demand costly esthetic fixes

Fleet Management

Keep track of your physical inventory to prevent damages or theft.

Conduct regular preventative repairs to avoid time-stealing breakdowns and improve the vehicle’s resale value.

Maintain written records of repairs, inspections, and upkeeps for the life of the vehicle.

Also, retrofitting the vehicle with wheelchair lifts shouldn’t affect its structural integrity or lower the road clearance below said standards.

Parts and Equipment Management

The Texas Department of Transportation suggests stocking essential replacement parts to minimize downtime. Although it is expensive and adds to warehousing costs besides increasing the risk of the components becoming obsolete, big businesses can benefit from the practice with a balanced approach.

Also, staying regular with the maintenance of the following equipment will take you a long way:

  • Jack stands
  • Emergency equipment
  • Equipment guards
  • Tires, tire cages, inflation devices
  • Cords or hoses
  • First aid kits

Inspect all essential equipment and replaced it when worn out to eliminate potential losses.

Personnel Safety

Employees must wear protective equipment under necessary circumstances.

Proper training on using the vehicle and its components or any tools is essential.

Proper lifting techniques must be utilized while carrying heavy objects.

Eyes, hearing, and hand protection are also vital when under the vehicle, in loud environments, and handling hazardous materials.

Warranty Compliance

You must mandatorily maintain records of warranties and claims received or submitted. Having the warranty cover new vehicles, replacement parts, or repairs facilitates prompt and efficient maintenances. In addition, reviewing the history reports helps identify warranty items.

Top Diesel Truck Maintenance Management in Texas

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